The Family Tree

by Simple Life

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Debut full-length album from Simple Life
Written and recorded from August 2013 to August 2014


released February 24, 2015

Recorded, Mixed, and Mastered by Drew Ray at The Satellite Studio in Bay Minette, AL



all rights reserved


Simple Life Metairie, Louisiana

What started as the solo project of Zachary Bradshaw has flourished into a prominent alternative band from the New Orleans suburbs. With influence from bands such as City and Colour, The Paper Kites, Balance and Composure, and Ghost Atlas, Simple Life is just getting started, with the debut album "The Family Tree" in the works. ... more

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Track Name: The Seed
Track Name: The Family Tree
Who the hell am I to think
The world is but a giant sink
And we are all related… in a way

Just a tiny particle
Underneath a microscope
Floating through a void unknown… Is this real?

My hope lies in this family tree I know
Broken wishes flowing through my bones
Holding on to all the things we know
It feels good to know I’m not alone

Life has me hanging by a rope
Tied around my neck I choke
Feeling so restricted… I let go

Gazing through an empty void
Feeling like a baby boy
The world is my conscience… Breathe me in
Track Name: Decision & Regret
I woke up this morning
Feeling kind of grey
These questions keep forming
Clouding my brain

And decisions keep calling
Calling my name
Broken remnants of something
Something I made

And now that I can breathe
Now that I can see
Everything I should have done
I could have done

Decisions to make
Nowhere for me to escape
Regrets I have made
Pulling me into my grave

The walls are enclosing
I’m not sure I want to be saved
Black skies are returning
To this road I have paved

And these voices I’m hearing
Screaming my name
Viciously pulling
This feeling it drives me insane
Track Name: Ghost of Before
If there’s a way out, find your way out
Call if you need me, it'll be easy
You’ll be fixing what I’m missing
I’ll be perfect, I’ll be your image to leave

And I know it’s already over (Just give it some time )
Am I wrong to say that I’ll miss you (Just give it some time)
You build me up just to tear me down (Just give it some time)
Use me quickly, I don’t want it to hurt so bad

Call me crazy, but I think maybe
You’re the liar, I’m on fire
But is your conscience wearing you thin?
You’re the liar, and I’m your victim
Track Name: Someday
One of these days
I’ll find my way
Out of the gray
You’ll come and save me

And when I’m in pain
You’ll come and lay next to me
I love the way
You look at me

Just lay next to me
Don’t say anything

Just breathe in so deep
Feel my heart it beats
Please just hold my hand
I could be your man

When I awake
You’ll kiss my face
And promise to take
My pain away

And if I find fame
You’ll do the same
Just follow me
To the edge of the sea

I know that I could be
I know that I could be yours…
Track Name: The Difference
Tell me how you feel love
I will find a way
Tell me what you need love
I will find a way

Tell me how you do love
Try to find a way
Tell me why it is love
That you feel this way

You don’t feel the same as before
I don’t know your name anymore
This feeling in my veins I can’t ignore
You don’t feel the same as before

I feel so ashamed love
I can’t find a way
All I need is you love
Just you to stay

This is how I do love
You make me feel this way
You why it is love
That you feel so afraid
Track Name: Molly's Song
200 hundred miles away
And I wonder if you feel the same
Can you feel the thoughts keep rushing in?
From the shadows

200 hundred miles away
And my dreams just aren’t the same
Please come and seal my fate
And Molly, I’m yours to take

I see you standing there
But I feel you lying here
And if you’re so afraid
Just know I feel the same
Track Name: The Way I See You
And there were lots of things I'd like to say to you
And I did not find the courage, yes it's true
But look at us now
We're not fallin' apart

And now that I have grown up next to you
And the promises, I swear they're comin' true
Your fears, they will not stay
You're the one that I want

You're the one
For me

The people, they will come and they will go
The ocean waves will break, the world explodes
But I will always love you
You're all that I see

To the end, you will not be
All alone, it's up to me
No one will ever understand
The way I see you
So stay awhile
Next to me
Track Name: You're Coming Down with Me
So that’s it
It’s over, it’s over
All these things
I thought I knew
About you, were all a mistake
I’m a mistake, you are too
I find truth in your lies
I’m a liar, so are you

She walks as she talks
And she talks as she walks away
Screaming the things
That she knew that she’d never say
And all of this doubt
That I kept bottled up inside
It comes pouring out
As the good in me dies
And I die

And I’m sure that I’m to blame but
Don’t think that I’m the only one
You are my partner in crime, my accomplice

And I see your fantasy of
What a perfect life is
And darling it just doesn’t include me
Track Name: Set Me Free
Take my hand
She said to me, falling deep
I turned and ran
I don’t know if I’m ready for this

Grain of sand
It’s all I’ll be, all I’ll be
Believe you can
You’ll see that all your dreams come true

And I don’t know if I can make it
And I don’t know if I can go

Set me free
Unlock this cage that's binding me
The life I lead
Is a simple one indeed

Try to see
What’s happening, it’s happening
Believe you’ll be
I swear that you could be set free
Track Name: Departure
Come and lay with me
All we are, we see
She fears a dying rage
Likes to contemplate

Gasping up for breath
Tears roll down her neck
Life begins to fade
Death will take its reign

How does it feel to be dying alone
When all of a sudden, you go and choke?
And all of that pain that drove you away
No longer matters, it's burned up in flames
Track Name: When I'm Gone
When I’m gone, who will remember me?
Another lost soul, searching for something
When I’m gone, and all that is left is words I’ve said
Will you listen, or will you let me fade away?

Sometimes I wonder if I’m good enough for this
Life is so empty, I don’t think I’m ready
For death, it’s just a doorway
To the unspoken, no one will miss me (When I'm gone)

And I don’t know if I belong here with you
But will you remember me? Will you remember me?
When I’m gone, when im gone
Will you remember me? Will you remember me?
At all

And when I am lonely, and when I'm sad
I can’t help but feel like, I’m not the only
When I’m gone, will she still love me?
Will she remember me? Or will she let it be? (When I'm gone)